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Smart Automation

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photo Henri de la Gravière
Henri De La Gravière
CBS Director
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you want to participate to a unique experience
you want to show
your hacking skills
UX specialist
you know user interface
Business Analyst
you like challenges


photo Mauricio Manzano-Podversich
Mauricio Manzano-Podversich
Bucharest Shared Services Director
photo Anh-Thu Lasserre
Anh-Thu Lasserre
IT Innovation
photo Caroline Ribayrols-Parets
Caroline Ribayrol-Parets
CBS Innovation Leader
photo Mauricio Ginel Musat
Ginel Musat
IT Manager Central Europe
photo de Simona Stavrositu
Simona Stavrositu
CBS Bucharest – Service Line Manager Domain Finance

Prize Pool

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photo Martin Nenov
Martin Nenov
CBS Americas Smart Automation Leader
photo Mihaeala Andronache
Mihaela Andronache
CBS Bucharest Smart Automation Leader
photo Philippe Leonart
Philippe Leonhart
O2C Europe Smart Automation Leader
photo Jalaj Kala
Jalaj Kala
RPA Solution Manager


Frequently asked questions

A Hackathon is a time-boxed (can be a day, 24 hours, 48 hours, …) development competition where software developers, designers, busines analysts etc… come together to design and build something cool. The word is a combination of “hack” (to develop/to build) and “marathon”.
After hosting this type of event internally in Clermont and Greenville, we thought it would be great to propose to our employees in Bucharest to live this unique experience. The theme proposed for this Hackathon is Smart Automation, because we are sure that you have great automation ideas that can help Michelin create value and better serve our customers and employees.
Idea pitch, submission and demos will be in English only.
Any profile (yeap, you read it right!) who is interested in living this great experience, interested in learning and building cool stuff can participate. As this is an internal Hackathon, this event is open only to Michelin Group employees.
To connect with new people, to learn, to discover a new way to innovate, and … to have fun !
Again, yes! We will make sure that each team has at least one developer knowledgable on UiPath, the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool sourced by Michelin that will be the technical platform used during this Hackathon.
We will make sure that all developers will come with their laptop and the right version of UiPath installed. All code need to be fresh so there will be regular submission of the code produced to the organizing team, up to the version that will be demoed in front of the jury.
We can host 10 teams of 4 participants max. This means that the number of seats are limited : so register fast!
It is minimum 2 and maximum 4. The teams will be formed on site after the ideas pitch.
After the ideas pitch, each idea generator will seek the votes from the participants in a “cash rush”. Each participant will be able to vote for his/her favourite idea. The 10 teams will form around the top 10 idea generators who collected the most votes.
When you register, please signal that you have an idea, regardless of your profile. The organizing team will contact you before the event and propose a template and (optional) coaching sessions to prepare your pitch.
Here are some criteria that can help you assess if your idea is suitable for automation. You are on the right tracks if your automation idea is covering processes or tasks that are characterized by several or all of the following : stable, low-added value, repetitive, error prone, using structured digitalized inputs and multiple underlying systems.
First prize is a Tablet for each of the team members. Second prize is a Google Home for each of the team members. And all participants will have a surprise gift!
The jury will evaluate each team based on the following criteria : Innovation, Efficiency, User Experience, Quality of the demoed prototype (completeness, workable, …).
Coffee, drinks & snacks all day-long will be provided to keep you energized! We will also provide lunch and celebration cocktail to conclude the event.
Did not find your answers above? please send your questions to contact.